Privy Ecommerce Marketing

Privy Ecommerce Marketing

Your all-in-one ecommerce platform to grow your sales with popups, email, and SMS marketing.

Dukaan merchants can now leverage Privy to expand their email & SMS lists, automate their marketing strategies, and enhance online conversions with ease. Privy's intuitive interface allows you to create stunning email newsletters, set up effective website popups, and automate crucial SMS communications without needing to be a tech wizard.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly email editor with drag-and-drop functionality and a variety of professional templates.
  • Kickstart your SMS marketing journey. Engage customers with welcome texts and cart recovery messages.
  • A diverse range of popup options designed to bolster your email & SMS subscriber base.
  • Set-and-forget email & SMS automations, working tirelessly to boost your sales.
  • Comprehensive support including expert onboarding, dedicated assistance, and personalized coaching, tailored for every stage of your journey.

Elevate your Dukaan store with Privy's powerful tools, designed for simplicity and effectiveness.

Installation guide

To start using Privy:

  • Create an account on Privy or log in if you already have one.
  • Click on your account name at the top right.
  • Select 'My Information'.
  • In the left side navigation bar, click on 'Privy Code' under 'Business Settings'.
  • Your Account Identifier will be displayed under 'Installation Guides'. Copy this identifier.
  • Install the Privy plugin on Dukaan.
  • Go to 'Settings' in the plugin, where it will prompt for the 'Privy Site ID'.
  • Paste your Account Identifier here to complete the installation process.


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