Pincode/Distance Based Delivery

Pincode/Distance Based Delivery

Optimize your delivery options based on customer location for efficient logistics.

Pincode/Distance based delivery fee plugin allows you to add different delivery fees based upon Distance or Pincode of your customers.

This can help you set the right delivery fees and thus reduce costs to serve your customers.


  • Create zones based on Pincode or Distance and set different delivery fees
  • Set discounted delivery fees on online paid orders

Note: This plugin is available only in India as of right now. Functionality for users outside of India will be added soon.

Installation guide

Once installed, you’ll see a new dashboard inside the Pincode/Distance Based Delivery plugin. You have to manage all your zones from here.

Zone is a set of distance ranges or pincodes. You will have to define the delivery fee for each zone separately. You can also offer discounted delivery fee on online paid orders for each zone.

First, you need to set up your store pincode. Add your store pincode in the dialogue box and press enter.

You can create zones based upon:

  1. Distance
  2. Pin codes

You can create up to 4 zones.

If the user location is beyond your defined zones, the default delivery fee will be applied upon the cart value. 


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