Increase sales with social proof and FOMO using subtle, persuasive nudges.

Nudgify helps you increase sales and signups by integrating social proof and FOMO notifications onto your storefront. It creates a sense of urgency and scarcity to drive conversions by using real data from your Dukaan store.

You can build trust, reduce funnel exits and stop leads from procrastinating by using a combination of social proof, FOMO and custom nudges with Nudgify. The entire process becomes automatic after setup and you can see how each Nudge is boosting your sales with built-in analytics.


  • Create urgency and FOMO to increase conversions
  • Display social proof and reviews in real time to help build trust in your brand
  • Choose from a set of pre-configured Nudges for e-Commerce, travel, SaaS and more
  • Reduce cart abandonment by providing delivery information before checkout
  • Keep track of visits, views, interactions and assisted conversions with the built-in suite of analytics
  • Use themes and colours to adjust Nudges to match your brand colors
  • Choose from over 30+ languages

Installation guide

Here’s how you can start using the Nudgify plugin:

  • To start using Nudgify, create an account on Nudgify or log in (if you have one)
  • Select add to your HTML as your integration. A pop up box will appear with your Nudgify pixel code
  • Copy the UUID from the Pixel code snippet.
  • Now, install the Nudgify plugin on Dukaan
  • Click on settings and you will see the option to paste Nudgify UUID
  • Paste your UUID here to complete the installation
  • Click on update to display Nudgify on your Dukaan store


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