An all-in-one business messenger that enhances customer communication and support.

JivoChat is user-friendly and functional, without compromising power and flexibility. Setting up JivoChat is a breeze. And thanks to its intuitive UI, everything you need is at your fingertips. 

The JivoChat widget allows you to chat with multiple visitors at the same time, which is impossible to do by phone. The app’s features aim to boost your team’s efficiency and communication opportunities. JivoChat’s forever-free plan gives you everything you need for your team to hit the ground running:


  • Powerful live chat with unlimited chats and websites
  • Visitor tracking tool with real statistics
  • Handy CRM to close every deal
  • Helpful support that actually works 24/7

Installation guide

Here’s how you can start using the Jivochat plugin:

  • To start using Jivochat, create an account or login to Jivochat.
  • Navigate to the Manage tab from the left sidebar.
  • Click on Channels from the submenu.
  • Under connected channels, click on the Settings button at the end of your website name.
  • Click on Installation on the next screen.
  • Copy the Website ID from the given code snippet. For example, <script src="//code.jivosite.com/widget/WEBSITE_ID" async></script>
  • Paste this Website ID in the input in Dukaan plugin’s settings page after installing it.


How many websites can I install JivoChat onto?
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Do you provide customer service agents?
Can my visitors chat with me from their mobile devices?
What are the available payment methods?

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