Bag Control - Set Min & Max price limits

Bag Control - Set Min & Max price limits

Implement minimum and maximum order value limits to streamline your sales strategy.

The Bag Control plugin allows you to set a minimum and maximum price required in order for your customers to place an order.

Set limits on the total bag value, regardless of the number of products or total weight that will allow a customer to checkout.


  • One click install
  • Set limits based on minimum order value
  • Set limits on maximum order value
  • Set limits regardless of total number of items in bag

Installation guide

Here’s how you can start using the Bag Control plugin:

  • To start using this plugin, click on Install
  • Go to the plugin settings page
  • Set the minimum order value below which an order can not be placed
  • Set the maximum order value above which an order can not be placed
  • Click on Save changes


Is this plugin free to use?
Do I need to set both the minimum and maximum values to use the plugin?
Can I set limits on the number of items that a customer can place in their bag to order?

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