Boost sales and engagement with personalized AI-driven notifications and interactive content.

Cooee is an AI powered customer engagement platform that delivers one-to-one personalised notification for Dukaan. 

Imagine an easy drag and drop interface that allows marketers to deliver personal and engaging notifications in their mobile app/web within minutes, now possible with Cooee. 

Imagine Canva powered by data for real time customer engagement, Cooee is the answer. Unlike traditional marketing platforms where users are always bucketed in segments and manually designed creatives are put together to run campaigns. Cooee disrupts this by combining design (can be created by anyone without previous skills/expensive softwares) and combining it with data (various ML algorithms) to deliver unique and data driven image or augmented reality based push/in-app notifications from inside your digital channels. 


  • One click install: One click install ensures speed to market for you to start running campaigns 
  • Low coding required: one time integration for the recommended events 
  • Drag & drop design editor: Anyone can design creative using Cooee’s drag & drop editor and deliver it perfectly 
  • One-to-one: Treat each user uniquely and send them one-to-one personalised engagements with the effort of creating only one engagement 
  • Continuous learning: with each engagement delivered, our platform learns how customers responded to it so we improve and get better each time.

Installation guide

Here’s how you can start using the Cooee plugin: 

  • To start using Cooee, create or log-in an account on Cooee (if you have one)
  • Go to App Details on the left menu bar
  • Copy the App ID.
  • Paste the copied App ID in the settings of page after installing the plugin from Dukaan dashboard


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