Duplicate Orders

Duplicate Orders

Identify and manage duplicate orders effortlessly, ensuring accuracy in your order processing.

Description: The duplicate order plugin recognizes the orders that might have been placed by mistake and/or are a replica of the previous order by the same user. 

Find what orders are duplicate and save both money and time by taking valid decisions accordingly.

Key Features:

  • Recognise what orders are duplicate.
  • View the comparison between your total orders and duplicate orders.
  • Filter out your duplicate order dashboard according to day, date, month etc.
  • All orders that are similar/replicated to the parent order (First order placed by the customer) will be flagged as a duplicate order.

Installation guide

Here is how you can start using the Duplicate order plugin:

  • Click on Install Plugin
  • Upon installing the plugin, the Duplicate orders dashboard be displayed.
  • The dashboard will show a comparison between the total orders and duplicate orders.
  • The dashboard will also show the list of duplicate orders with information such as order id, duplicate order of, amount, and the order status of the product.
  • The order will also be flagged in the order details page wherein clicking on the tag will show you why the order has been flagged.


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