Loyalty Points

Loyalty Points

Foster customer loyalty and encourage repeat business with a customizable loyalty points system.

The loyalty points plugin allows you to give loyalty points to your customer on every order they make from your store. This will encourage them to make repeat orders from your store.

You can set the loyalty points customers will receive on every purchase of 100 in your store's currency. They can then use these loyalty points to get discounts on future purchases. 

Key Features:

  • Share loyalty points to customers on every purchase
  • Define the number of points they would get on every purchase of 100 in your store currency.
  • Your customers can log in to your website and see the loyalty points balance they have
  • No technical knowledge or coding experience is required to use this plugin


  • Loyalty points require the customer to log in to your store before checking out. As a result guest checkout would be disabled on your store on activating the Loyalty points plugin
  • Currently we do not allow adding loyalty points for guest users
  • 1 loyalty point = 1 currency unit (store currency). This implies that on applying 50 loyalty points, your customer would be able to get a discount of 50

Installation guide

To use the loyalty plugin, follow the below instructions: 

  • Click on install plugin
  • Head over to the plugin Settings
  • Here you will need to define the loyalty points the customer will get on every purchase of 100 in your store's currency
  • Click on Save to activate the plugin


Is this plugin free to use?
When will the loyalty points be added to the customer?
Can I define the number of points the customer will get on every purchase?
Can I manually add points for a customer?

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