Gumroad Importer

Gumroad Importer

Import your Gumroad store to Dukaan

The Dukaan Gumroad Importer plugin allows you to easily import your products from Gumroad onto Dukaan, streamlining your store transfer and saving you time.

Key features:

  • Quick and easy setup: Simply install the plugin and connect your Gumroad account to Dukaan
  • Automated product import: The plugin will automatically import all of your Gumroad products onto Dukaan, including product details and images
  • Seamless integration: The plugin seamlessly integrates with the Dukaan platform, making it easy to manage your imported products alongside your native Dukaan products

Note: Due to security reasons, Gumroad does not expose the actual digital files being sent. As a result, you will need to upload the digital files associated with each product manually.  The Gumroad importer gets data about product details, including images, product descriptions and prices.

Installation guide

  • Before installing the Gumroad importer, install the digital products plugin to ensure a seamless transfer
  • Then, click on install plugin
  • Enter your Gumroad store link
  • Add your Gumroad access token, If you are unaware where to get the access token from, click here
  • Click on Import
  • Your product details will be automatically imported
  • Head to the products section and upload their respective digital files for delivery

The process usually takes a few minutes to complete. Once done, you can click on View products to see the imported details. It can take up to 10 minutes to import all your products.

Note: The digital products plugin should be installed in order to ensure the data is imported correctly.


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